Microsoft Visual Studio comparison
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 vs 2019

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Visual Studio enables the development of consoles, GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), web applications, mobile apps, cloud services, web services and more. Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from Microsoft. There are several variants available, the most recent versions are the 2022 and 2019 version. In this blog, these two different variants are compared.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019: The Benefits

When Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 was released, it came with a number of changes and improvements. Following are the benefits of MS Visual Studio 2019:

New and clear home screen

The options “Check out the code”, “Open a project”, “Open a folder” and “Create a new folder” have been adjusted.

The ability to share code

With Live Share it is possible to share context around code and debug processes with teammates.

Structuring code is easier

Refactoring features have been added, making code organizing easier than before.

Connecting display per monitor

The program adapts to the monitor where it is located. This keeps the program looking good on any monitor.

Debugging is easier with Managed Pulled Requests

With this extension it is possible to perform pull requests to debug your team within the Visual Studio application.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Softtrader

Microsoft Visual Studio 2022: The Benefits

In Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 a number of things have changed and improved. Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 has the same benefits as the 2019 version, but adjustments have been made to make Visual Studio 2022 offer additional benefits. Following are the benefits of MS Visual Studio 2022:

The ability to modify or add to code has been improved

Entire lines of code can be entered with Intellicode. Previously this only worked with C#, Microsoft has made it possible for multiple languages.

Debugging in the program has been made easier

Decompiling code has been simplified, making it easier to debug local and remote code.

The programming interface has been modified

There are more options to visually adjust the interface to your liking. Furthermore, the possibility to implement a document management system has been added.

Accessibility has been improved

Access features have been added. Furthermore, the overview of approved extensions has been improved.

The latest version of C++ is supported

Visual Studio 2022 has a suite of tools for C++ 20.

The program has become lighter

Microsoft has made Visual Studio 2022 a lightweight, making the program faster than before.

Visual Studio 2022 is a 64-Bit application

This means that the program has considerably more memory than the 2019 version. You are no longer limited to 4 GB of memory.

MS Visual Studio Professional 2022 vs 2019

The most noticeable differences between Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 and Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 are the following:


The older version of Microsoft Visual Studio is available at a lower price than the latest version. Do you want to know the exact prices? Then read on under the heading “Visual Studio 2022: Price”.


The latest variant has considerably more memory. This allows more editing, debugging and execution without running out of memory.


Various tweaks such as the customizable interface, improved debugging, added and improved access functions, and lighting of the program make Visual Studio simpler and more organized.

Visual Studio 2022 Professional: Price

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Visual Studio 2019 Professional: Price

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Professional is the older version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2022, therefore it is also a lot cheaper. Again, Softtrader offers second-hand Microsoft licenses for prices that are up to 70% lower than new licenses. To find out how much Visual Studio 2019 Professional will cost you, request a quote here.

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