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Embracing Perpetual Licenses of Windows Server 2022: Support and Benefits Long-Term Licensing

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When choosing to adopt Windows Server 2022 as a perpetual Microsoft license until 2031, this brings several benefits to your organization. In this article we'll focus on the key advantages and explore why adopting perpetual licenses can be a smart move for long-term success.

Extended Support and Reliability

If you choose for a perpetual Windows Server 2022 license, organizations gain access to extended support and reliability from Microsoft. Windows Server 2022 contains essential security updates, bug fixes, and feature enhancements throughout the support period. This support means organizations will have a strong and secure server. 

Windows Server 2022 Lifecycle: 


Long-Term Planning and Investment

By choosing for a perpetual Windows Server 2022 license until 2031, organizations can align their IT strategies and investments with long-term goals. Because of the extended support period you can plan infrastructure upgrades, system integrations, and migrations without concerns of having to purchase new licensing models. This long-term planning returns strategic decision-making and maximizes return on investment.


Perpetual licenses offer a cost-effective approach, as they require a one-time purchase instead of returning subscription payments. This means you can predict your costs and long-term savings, so allocating budgets can be done more efficiently. Since there is no need for continuous subscription renewals, the administration costs will reduce. This means there is a clearer view on what the overhead costs will be.

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Perpetual licenses with Microsoft's volume licensing program: Flexibility and Customization

Perpetual licenses give organizations flexibility and customization options. Applying Windows Server 2022 on your own hardware or infrastructure, provides the opportunity to customize it to your specific needs. This level of control allows for optimizing performance, security, and resource allocation, enabling organizations to meet their unique requirements effectively.

Within volume licensing, you can purchase several licenses for each Microsoft product, such as Windows, Office, Windows Server, or SQL, depending on the size of your organization and licensing needs. The number of licenses purchased can be adjusted under volume licenses so that Microsoft products are used correctly..

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Other advantages to be explored with on-site licensing   

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements  

Perpetual licenses help organizations meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Industries such as finance, healthcare, and government have strict regulations that demand long-term support and specific software versions. Perpetual licenses ensure compliance without the need to navigate through time-limited subscriptions or potentially disruptive migrations for example.

Continuity and Stability

Adopting perpetual licenses ensures continuity and stability for an organization's server infrastructure. This way, organizations can keep competing with existing systems and applications, without doing updates or version changes. Therefore, critical business operations that rely on not being disrupted by updates can easily continue.

Volume Licenses can be purchased second-hand.

The Supreme Court of the European Union has ruled in its decision of 3 July 2012 C-128/11, that perpetual software licenses can be sold. This means that these licenses have a residual value and can be transferred to third parties. A perpetual software license issued at a single price can therefore be resold regardless of what is stated in the license.

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Embracing perpetual licenses of Windows Server 2022 from Microsoft until 2031 offers robust support and benefits for organizations. From extended support and cost-effectiveness to flexibility, compliance, continuity, and long-term planning, perpetual licenses provide a solid foundation for a reliable and optimized server infrastructure. Evaluate your organization's needs and embrace the advantages of perpetual licenses to drive long-term success, scalability, and IT stability. With perpetual licenses, you can unlock the full potential of Windows Server 2022 for years to come with cost-effectiveness.

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