Microsoft software refurbished
07 november 2022 

Microsoft software refurbished

Refurbished software: What is it?

Refurbished software is used software that can then be reused as if it were a new license. It is a good choice for businesses. The refurbished software functions exactly the same as new software. With refurbished software, no traces of use are left behind by the previous user. This is therefore very pleasant for the next user, who can use the software as if it were brand new. Because it is used software, it is offered at lower prices than new software. As a result, this allows companies to save unnecessary costs, sometimes even up to 70%.

Refurbished software: OEM, Retail and Volume

Refurbished OEM Licenses

This means that the manufacturer of the hardware has already installed the software license on the hardware. With refurbished hardware, it is therefore possible that the software has already been installed. In this case, an OEM license is required to get access to the software program.

Refurbished Retail Licenses

Refurbished Retail licenses are perfect for private users and small businesses. It is often used for less than 5 users. There is one unique activation code per device. The difference between Retail and OEM is that the Retail licenses are tied to the user and the OEM licenses are tied to the device. Retail licenses can be transferred between devices, but this makes them slightly more expensive than OEM licenses.

Refurbished Volume Licenses

Refurbished Volume licenses are most interesting for larger organizations. This concerns organizations with more than 5 users. Multiple devices can be activated with one activation code, this can be done with a MAK or KMS activation code. Volume licenses make it possible to work remotely.

Microsoft Office refurbished licenses

It is possible to buy Microsoft Office refurbished licenses. These work as if they are brand new and are also a lot cheaper, especially the Volume variants. The following versions are available:

Microsoft Windows 10 refurbished licenses

Microsoft Windows 10 refurbished is available for purchase. As with the Microsoft Office licenses, these work as good as new. The following versions of Microsoft Windows 10 are available:

  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016

Refurbished software legal?

Refurbished, or second-hand software, is 100% legal. The European Court has drawn up a number of rules that a seller must adhere to, namely the following:

  • The licenses must be European;
  • The license must have a perpetual user right. Subscriptions may not be sold;
  • The seller may no longer use the license once it has been sold;
  • Licenses may only be resold if an economic price was originally paid for them.
    Softtrader complies with these rules and therefore Softtrader's refurbished software licenses are completely legal.

Refurbished software: Purchasing

Are you curious how much the licenses would cost you at Softtrader? Request a quote without any obligation. This is possible with the quotation form at the bottom of this page. Softtrader offers Microsoft licenses at very low prices. These licenses are up to 70% cheaper than a new software license.

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