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Purchase pre-owned OLP Microsoft licenses

Software purchase is one of the main expenses of companies that cannot be avoided. By choosing the Pre-Owned licenses alternative, this expense can be reduced by saving from 50 to 70% on the price of the same new product. At Softtrader, you will find these pre-owned licenses in line with legal guidelines.

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Do you want to purchase pre-owned software? There are 3 advantages

If your company uses Office 2013, you won’t benefit from using Office 2016 adapted software. On the contrary, you will need to downgrade to Office 2013 and it will only cost you time and money, without offering you any benefits. With our pre-owned Office licenses, your business will get exactly what it needs. Here are the 3 reasons to buy software from Softtrader:

  1. Licenses that are no longer delivered by the usual outlets (version 2013 for instance), Softtrader can provide them;
  2. Licensed upgrades are retained even after resale;
  3. Registration with the manufacturer of the licenses that have been delivered is not required.

Many companies have doubts about the use of pre-owned licenses and question whether they are allowed. In a judgement of 3 July 2012,the European Court of Justice confirmed that software licenses issued for a single fee can be resold, regardless of what is stated in the license.

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The validity of the license can be demonstrated

It is very simple to prove the validity of your pre-owned Microsoft license. After you accept our quotation, you will receive an order confirmation and invoice. These documents are the ultimate proof of the validity of your licenses.

Do you sell as a reseller?

You are a Microsoft software reseller and you want to start selling pre-owned licenses? If yes, you are the perfect partner for Softtrader. More information can be found on the ‘Resellers’ page.

Do you want to sell your licenses?

Do you have software licenses that you no longer use? Sell your OLP licenses to Softtrader and get your return on investment. We arrange the transfer so that you don’t have to worry about knowing all the legal provisions. Contact us for a suitable offer.

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* We only deliver to companies within the European Union.