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Visio for Mac

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Is Microsoft Visio compatible with Mac?

Is Microsoft Visio compatible with Mac? Simply put, yes. It is possible to use Visio on your Mac, but this is different than via Windows. It is possible to search for alternatives, but these alternatives generally perform and do not work as well as Microsoft Visio. It is possible to run MacOS and Windows systems side by side. Further on in the blog we will discuss how you can do this.

Microsoft Visio on MacOS

It is possible to use Microsoft Visio on MacOS through a Virtual Machine. This is a kind of server that functions like a physical machine. The Virtual Machine has its own operating system and can use Windows for this, while the Virtual Machine itself runs on a MacOS device.

The physical device running macOS must meet certain system requirements. The device must have been manufactured in 2017 or later. Also, the physical device must have at least 4 GB of RAM to run Microsoft Visio. 8GB RAM or more is recommended for optimal performance of Microsoft Visio.
It is also important that the device has one of the following processors:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Core i3
  • Core i5
  • Core i7
  • Intel Core M
  • Xeon

Furthermore, the macOS system must be Sierra 10.12 or higher, including Monterey, High Sierra, Catalina, Big Sur and Mojave. The last requirement is that a minimum of 16 GB of hard drive space is available. This is necessary to run Windows via the Virtual Machine, Microsoft Visio needs 3 GB of hard-drive space. Once these requirements are met, Windows Server will entitle you to a Virtual Machine. Would you like to know more about what a Virtual machine can do for you? Then click here.

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Versions of MS Visio for Mac

As described above, any version of Microsoft Visio is compatible with MacOS. Softtrader offers Microsoft Visio licenses at very low prices. You can choose between the following versions:

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