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About Softtrader, a specialist in pre-owned software licenses

If you provide software to commercial customers, you may struggle to enter into contracts on a regular basis due to price. Software licenses have become a commodity, the price of which is the main trigger for most customers to purchase. That is why, by offering our Pre-Owned Microsoft software licenses, we offer you the opportunity to  compete on prices and win projects.

Prefer to chat personally?

To get to know each other better first, you can chat with one of our account managers. Press the button to make a callback request.

We advise and deliver, you sell and make margin

As a reseller, you are not at risk. We take care of the purchase, delivery of the licenses as well as the license documents. Meanwhile, you offer your clients background advice, close the deal and make an excellent margin. So there are many benefits:

  • You serve your own customers
  • We deliver you a White label License Document
  • You obtain high discounts on our prices

Collaboration is strength: the focus is on resellers

We focus primarily on resellers. As a reseller, you are in contact with end-users, alias your customers. You analyze their needs and communicate them to us by requesting a quote. Many companies tend to have more confidence in the suppliers they know. By working together, we are committed to guarantee the satisfaction of you and your customers. Thus, you will no longer lose sales due to high prices by offering the best price. We deliver licenses rapidly and do not require any contact details of your customer. Are you interested in becoming a reseller or would you like to know more about it? Contact us by filling out the form below.

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