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How to install Office LTSC on MAC?

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When you purchase an Office LTSC license for MAC, the installation method differs completely compared to Office LTSC for Windows. This is because when you license your MAC for Office, you won't need an activation code, but rather a VL Serializer to activate the software on your MAC device. More about the installation method and the VL Serializer you can find in the article below. 

Do I need a different Office License for MAC?

Yes, Microsoft has designed Office for MAC, which means that to activate the Office suite on your MAC device, you will need to purchase a specific license for MAC. This license usually costs a little more than Office for Windows and also requires a different activation method.

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Microsoft Office LTSC for MAC: Installation & Activation

When you acquire Office LTSC, your distributor will provide you with two different files to download, one of them is the software and the other is the volume license serializer. The volume license serializer acts as the key (code with letters and numbers that is generally called the activation key) to activate the software. So, you don't need an activation key to activate Office on your MAC but just to run the VL Serializer.

The instructions for installing Office on a MAC follow two steps: first you have to install Office on your MAC and then run VL Serialiser to activate it. If you need to activate Office for more than one MAC, this process must be repeated each time.

Where to find the VL Serializer?

If your distributor hasn't sent you a VL Serializer file to activate Office on your MAC, you can download it from the VSLC (volume licensing service center).  

To find the VL Serialiser, search for "Office LTSC Standard for Mac 2021" or "Office 2019 for Mac Standard" (depending on the version you bought) on the VSLC. Once you've found the right version, download it, extract it, and run the file so you can activate your Office suite. Read more about which Office versions can be installend on MAC.


Office for MAC is activated differently from most Microsoft software. This is because, instead of downloading the software and activating it with an activation key – the code of letters and numbers mentioned above, Office for MAC is activated via the VL Serialiser.
 This method is also simple and can be carried out easily, but the downside is that this process has to be repeated on each individual MAC device one by one. If you plan to install multiple MAC devices with Office LTSC, the installation process would take more time compared to installing Office on Windows, for example.

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