Office 2021 Professional Plus
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Office 2021 Professional Plus: Everything you need to know

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Microsoft Office is a software suite that consists of differences applications from Microsoft. For instance, it includes applications such as, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. The Office 2021 Professional Plus is the most comprehensive edition of Microsoft Office and with this edition, the user gets access to additional applications.

About Office 2021 Professional Plus

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus makes it easier for both the user and the computer to perform tasks, thereby improving efficiency. The applications enable the user to format various tasks in the best possible way. Microsoft offers different applications in their software suite for different purposes. Microsoft also offers an LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) version of Professional Plus. The LTSC version is exclusively for businesses and governments. It is a perpetual licence, which means the product only needs to be purchased once. Below are the applications that Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus consists of and what the applications are used for.

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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processor, which can help users prepare documents. Besides drafting documents, Word can also format the document through various tools. Examples include adding shadows, changing contrast, adjusting font and text size, and adding illustrations. Word also offers a spell check or the ability to add tables. There are also a host of other features the user can use to make the document look neat.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint makes it possible to put together presentations. With PowerPoint, the user can use various tools that PowerPoint offers to ensure a well-crafted presentation. Presentations provide visualisation and it is a good tool for presenting or pitching, giving the audience a better idea of what is being said. By using effects and transitions that PowerPoint offers, the user can capture the attention of the audience.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet editor and it features calculation tools, graphical tools and pivot tables. The application is mostly used by users engaged in data processing. This is because Excel works with various formulas and this allows data to be processed faster.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is an application that helps users manage databases. Access is a database management system that combines a graphical user interface with software development tools. Think of managing accounts and invoices, adding tables, searching for relationships between existing data or comparing them.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote enables note-taking. It is designed to gather information and this can also be done collaboratively with multiple users. Thus, users can not only share notes easily, but also create notes together in a file. OneNote collects screen clippings, notes, drawings and audio comments from users.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application that emphasises page layout and graphic design. With Publisher, users can create visually rich and professional publications. Examples include business cards, calendars, newsletters, greeting cards or calendars.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager and e-mail client. It allows users to manage e-mail messages. Think of sending, creating and archiving. Furthermore, Outlook also allows users to manage contacts, tasks or actions, loose notes and appointments in an electronic calendar. Organisations usually use Outlook to communicate with each other or to share data. This can be done very easily using central mailing lists or distribution lists.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform. It offers various possibilities for users to work together efficiently, even remotely. For example, Teams offers chat capabilities, video conferencing, file storage and integration with other Microsoft applications.

Office 2021 Professional Plus: Benefits

Administrators can easily control computers and accounts centrally with Office 2021 Standard. Many users can be added through volume activation. In addition, Microsoft offers app telemetry in Office 2021. This provides automated remote measurements and collects data. Also, Office 2021 features RMS (Rights Management Services), which helps secure digital information from unauthorised users. Furthermore, Office 2021 also comes with enhanced collaboration features.

The above features are also available for Office 2021 Professional Plus. However, Professional Plus offers additional features, such as archiving e-mails from Outlook. Here, an automatic retention policy can also be set up, which IT administrators can manage centrally. In the Professional Plus edition of Office 2021, it is possible to use Power Pivot native and Power view to quickly compile and analyse large amounts of data.

Professional Plus, as mentioned earlier, is Office 2021's most comprehensive package. Office 2021 Professional Plus features more applications than the Standard version. In fact, with this edition, the user also gets Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Access. With Professional Plus, the user can also access SharePoint and Exchange documents from Outlook.

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Office 2021 Professional Plus vs Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Office 2021 Professional Plus and Microsoft 365 Business Premium are both the most comprehensive software solutions for business customers. In fact, both feature a wide range of applications and services. The main difference between the two is the purchase method. Namely, Professional Plus, as mentioned earlier, is a perpetual licence, while Microsoft 365 Business Premium uses a subscription model. With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, the user receives the right to use the software and associated services for a limited time, until the subscription is terminated. These can be paid or terminated on a monthly or annual basis. Another difference is that Microsoft 365 Business Premium is part of Microsoft's Software-as-a-Service programme. This allows the use of cloud-based applications and services. However these are not required for every customer, they can enhance the overall workflow. However, Office 2021 Professional Plus offers more control over local data storage, which can be very important for companies that work a lot with sensitive information.

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Office 2021: End of Life

All Microsoft products have an End of Life (EoL) date. This means that a product is only supported for a certain period of time. Normally, such a period consists of about 10 years from the release date. After this date, the product is thus no longer supported. This support can be divided into two types of support: Mainstream and Extended support. In the first 5 years, mainstream support will apply, providing the user with the latest updates. Think of new features or improvements. When regular support reaches its end date after 5 years, extended support will apply. In extended support, the user will only receive security updates. So there will be no more new features during extended support. Once both support ends, then you can still use the product, only there will be no more updates at all and Microsoft itself can no longer provide support. So if you have any problems beyond the End of Life date, there is nothing Microsoft can do for you.

However, Office 2021 will no longer come with the extended support. Which means that the overall support for all Office 2021 editions will end on 13 October 2026. This is about 5 years later, since Office 2021 was released on 5 October 2021.

Purchasing Office 2021 Professional Plus

Office Professional Plus is Office's most comprehensive software package and in general, this licence costs around €579 new on the official Microsoft website. But the price can therefore vary depending on where you buy it. Instead of buying software new, there is also an option to buy pre-owned software. Software, unlike physical products, remains in the same condition. If you opt for a pre-owned licence, you can save up to 70% on the original price.

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