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How does a Microsoft Volume License work? Explanation about licensing

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Want to use a Microsoft Volume License, but don't know exactly how it works yet? We are happy to explain to you what volume licenses (OLP) are and how they work.
We explain to you about the Microsoft Volume License and which questions are important to ask so that you can make a choice from the options that are available. For example, using a licensing model overview for Windows Server 2016.
Tip: make cheap use of, for example, an Open License? Thanks to our used Microsoft Volume Licenses you pay up to 70% less than with a new copy.

Licensing for Microsoft Software

For example, the Open License and other volume licenses from the supplier allow you to use business software in a very flexible and affordable way. You buy a license, instead of software on a CD or a DVD (FPP). The manual is available digitally and there are no more added extras, which can reduce costs for Microsoft.

It guarantees you a more affordable license, even if you were to use it again. Second-hand, the savings can be up to another 70%, while you can use it 100% official and fully audit proof.

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Open License for companies: the possibilities

Do you want to use an Open License for companies or are you looking for a different type of Microsoft Volume License? We help you to buy used licenses, in many cases simply from our own stock. For example for Microsoft Exchange, just like for other software that you are looking for for business.

We guarantee significant savings with our used software licenses, which work exactly the same as the new ones. They are completely legal and 100% audit proof, so you don't have to worry about that. We are happy to think along with you about the licenses that are most suitable, even if you have little or no experience with it.

Buy used Microsoft Volume Licenses

Do you want to use the Microsoft Volume License for, for example, Office Standard 2016 or Professional Plus in a cheap way? Then it is worth taking a good look at our second-hand licenses. Especially suitable for SMEs, because you have the possibility to reuse an existing license in an official way.

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