07 november 2022 

How do I cancel my Office 365 subscription?

How do I cancel my Office 365 subscription?

There are countless reasons to stop your Office 365. Maybe Office 365 isn't working properly, you don't use it enough, or it's simply too expensive. In this blog, we'll explain how to stop your active subscription.

Use this link to go to the services and subscriptions page and log in with your account that holds the license you want to cancel. Find the subscription to be cancelled and click 'Manage' here. You will be sent to a screen where you can choose 'Cancel', after this you will go through a number of steps to make the cancellation final.

It may be that in the above steps you do not see the right license to cancel. It may be that you need to cancel it via another way, namely via a special Microsoft 365 page, but this depends on your subscription type. Go to this page and log in with your corresponding Office 365 or Microsoft 365 account. When you are logged in, you will get the option to click on "Cancel Subscription". After clicking this button you will go through a few steps to complete the cancellation.

If you have opted for an annual subscription of Office 365 then you cannot simply cancel your subscription. If you have taken out an annual subscription within the last 30 days then you can still get a refund, if you choose to do this then you can no longer use the license and the applications will immediately change to read-only mode.

If you have purchased an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription via your phone or tablet, you must also cancel the subscription in the corresponding store. For example, if you purchased a subscription through the App Store, you must cancel it through the same App Store. Please note! Certain App Stores have different terms than Microsoft itself when it comes to cancelling subscriptions.

There are several reasons why it might be better for you to stop your Office 365 subscription and switch to a cheaper option, such as an on-premises pre-owned license from Softtrader. In this blog, you'll read more about the different reasons why on-premises is better.

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