Windows 11 Enterprise vs Pro: the differences
11 januari 2023 

Windows 11 Enterprise vs Pro: the differences

Windows 11 is the most recent edition of the Windows series from Microsoft. Windows 11 is an operating system that allows your computer to run as quickly as possible. Windows 11 has multiple different versions, but in this blog 2 of them will be compared; Enterprise and Pro. In this blog you can read more about the comparison between the two, what's new in Windows 11, and much more.

Microsoft Teams has now been fully integrated into Windows, which makes it much more easier to use than before. Next to that, there is a function called “Snap Lay-outs". This is a function that will help improving multitasking. This way, you can use multiple applications at the same time on 1 screen, by making the application smallers. For example, they can all use up 1 quarter of your screen. What is very nice about this, is the fact that you won't have to keep switching between tabs and applications. It improves the efficiency a lot. Also, the user of Windows 11 will have the possibility to create multiple desktops. For example 1 for business use and 1 for home use. This makes it a lot easier to spread out different things and improve your efficiency and concentration. Where Windows 10 only has support from Microsoft until 2025, Windows 11 will have this for a longer period of time. This is another advantage of Windows 11 Enterprise. Because of multiple updates and improvements, Windows 11 is much easier to use, and also quicker, than Windows 10.

Windows 11 Pro is the standard option for businesses from Microsoft. It has all the basic functions and features, but nothing more than that. This goes hand in hand with the fact that it is the cheapest option for businesses. Next to that, Enterprise is a more expensive version, but it does offer more functions than Pro does. There is always the possibility to upgrade your Windows 11 Pro to Windows 11 Enterprise. Windows 11 Enterprise adds functionalities that are handy, mostly for big businesses. This makes Windows 11 Enterprise the most attractive for big businesses, but it can be used by any kind of business. Another very important difference, is the fact that Enterprise has better security than Pro has. This is because Enterprise has integrated software such as Microsoft Defender Firewall. These differences, make Enterprise the better and more functional version out of these two Windows 11 versions.

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  • Windows 11 is a massive improvement over Windows 10 in multiple aspects, such as applications, efficiency and security.
  • Windows 11 Enterprise has more functions and a better usability than Windows 11 Pro.
  • In short, we advice Windows 11 Enterprise as the go-to version for businesses.
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