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Windows 11: everything you need to know

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Update: Windows 11 was officially released on the 5th of October, 2021.

Windows 11 is the first major update since the Windows 10 launch in 2015. Windows 11 aims to provide the user with a calm and creative space to work with. The beta version of Windows 11 has now been released and tested, we discuss the most important points here.

Windows 11 release and availability

Update: Windows 11 was officially released on October 5, 2021. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you can upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 immediately. The October 5 release date means that the first PCs with Windows 11 installed on them are now being sold. Microsoft has indicated that people who want to upgrade their Windows 10 to Windows 11 may have to wait until 2022. Buying Windows 11 is currently only possible by purchasing a new Windows computer. Keep this in mind when purchasing a new computer.

Windows 11 is expected to release on October 20, 2021 and will be free to upgrade for current Windows 10 users under certain conditions. You can opt for a pre-owned version of Windows 10 from Softtrader, and later upgrade it to Windows 11 itself. In that case, you can upgrade Windows 10 Pro to Windows 11 Pro, while you can upgrade Windows 10 Enterprise to Windows 11 Enterprise.

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Windows 11 functionalities

Microsoft's new operating system aims to streamline the PC experience with a new design and a host of new features to boost the productivity of you and your employees. We would be happy to review our favorite Windows 11 features with you.

  • Microsoft Teams is fully integrated into the operating system, making the commonly used Microsoft Teams even easier to use.
  • In addition, Windows 11 gives you the option to create different virtual desktops. Think of one work desktop, one personal desktop and one training desktop, each with different backgrounds, apps and documents that the user can easily switch between.
  • Snap Layouts is another feature that promotes multitasking. This option lets you organize different windows on your screen. For example, you can open 4 applications on 1 screen, and minimize them at the same time.

Windows 11 Home VS Windows 11 Pro: Overview

Windows 11 Home is generally suitable for individuals. Windows 11 Pro, on the other hand, is intended for professionals with little to no technical knowledge. Below you can read part of the benefits per Windows 11 version.

Windows 11 pro vs home

Windows 11 system requirements

Unfortunately, Windows 11 cannot run on every system. Therefore, check whether Windows 11 is compatible with your hardware.

Office 2019 on Windows 11

Office 2019 is compatible with Windows 11 and even gets an upgrade. Office 2019 gets a whole new look, based on a more natural and consistent experience. If the visual upgrade disappoints you, you can simply switch back to the old interface. Office now also matches with your Windows theme, if you are a lover of Darkmode, colors or white, Office takes over the colors of your active Windows theme. In addition, it will be possible to adjust the 'ribbon' at the top of the office programs, now the functional bar has been the same for years, so we are curious how this adjustment will work. The new look of Office 2019 also gets soft corners, which should boost the natural experience of Office. Office 2019 will also be updated for Windows 10. Office 2019 will finally be available for ARM-based computers via Windows 11.

Windows 11 license

It is not yet possible to obtain a Windows 11 license. The only way to access Windows 11 at this point is to buy a new Windows PC. At the beginning of 2022, Microsoft will start releasing 'loose' Windows 11 license packages. Therefore, consider purchasing a Windows 10 license, and when it becomes possible to upgrade it to a Windows 11 license. When the Windows 11 license is released it will be activated as other licenses. You install the driver and activate it with the Windows 11 license key that you receive with purchase.

Buy cheap Windows 10 licenses

If you have a Retail version of Windows 10, you can also upgrade to Windows 11 for free. If you do not have Windows 10 or at least not the Retail license, you can purchase  Windows 11 at Softtrader.

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