Benifits Pre-owned software
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Pre-Owned software: what benefits does this bring?

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Licenses can often be very pricey, especially when purchased new. Therefore, Softtrader sells Pre-Owned software. Indeed, at Softtrader we offer the possibility to buy pre-owned licenses at prices up to 70% cheaper. Our second-hand volume licenses, all comply with legal guidelines. So you can quickly enjoy an appropriate and authentic license.  It is important to us that you make the right choice. Please read below about the advantages of buying Pre-Owned software and which advantages Softtrader can offer you.

The advantages of buying pre-owned software

Buying Pre-Owned software brings several advantages. Softtrader is an advocate of selling for these pre-owned licenses.

Save money: Pre-Owned software is much cheaper than buying a license completely new. As a result, you can save a lot of money compared to the original price. Many companies already saved more than 50% on the purchase cost of licenses. At Softtrader this is also the case and you can for example save up to 70% money on Pre-Owned softwares.

Completely original: Pre-Owned licenses are original Microsoft licenses. Unlike physical products, software remains in the same state. The authenticity and ownership is always checked at Softtrader. Thus, at Softtrader you can make your purchases with 100% certainty and are insured against damage claims.

Customized advice: When buying Pre-Owned software, you will always deal with a third party company. This is very convenient, since you can then turn to a licensing expert for help. This is because Microsoft licenses consist of multiple variants. As a result, chances are that you may not know immediately which license you need to get and use your desired applications. Therefore, it is important that you buy a license that suits the best for the needs of your organization. At Softtrader, we are always available to provide you with expert advice. We can always be reached by phone or you can send an email. In addition, we also have a live chat, where our staff is ready to help you and we will always try our best to provide you with the best advice so you can get started with a suitable license as soon as possible.

Free choice: Furthermore, you are also completely free to choose which program or version you buy. This can come in handy in different scenarios. For example, consider older versions. These are difficult to obtain from Microsoft itself. Thus, you will have the most ideal software available for every situation. Are you still curious about what we at Softtrader have to offer? Take a look at our offers here.

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