Microsoft Office 2019

Elevate your productivity with Microsoft Office 2019. Choose for a perpetual Office 2019 license to get a range of applications such as the renowned Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Softtrader offers various versions of Microsoft Office 2019 to suit your needs. Transform your workdays with Office 2019, the best choice for efficiency and effectiveness.

Affordable Microsoft Office 2019 licences

Microsoft Office Standard 2019

SKU: 021-10609

product box Microsoft Office Standard 2019
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Language: Single Language
  • Condition: Pre-Owned
  • License type: OLP (Open License)
  • License term: Perpetual
  • Delivery: Product Key + ISO

Microsoft Office Professional 2019

SKU: 269-17068

product box Microsoft Office Professional 2019
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Language: Single-Language
  • Condition: Pre-Owned
  • License type: Retail
  • License term: Perpetual
  • Delivery: Product Key + ISO

Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019

SKU: 79P-05729

product box Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Language: Single Language
  • Condition: Pre-Owned
  • License type: OLP (Open License)
  • License term: Perpetual
  • Delivery: Product Key + ISO

What is Microsoft Office 2019?

Microsoft Office is a suite of software programs designed to enable users to complete their computer tasks in an efficient and effective manner. Commonly known applications such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint are just a few of the many tools available. Because of the large range of applications, these are divided into various packages. These packages are tailored for different users, such as students, individuals, small businesses and larger companies. Prices for each of the packages vary depending on the applications included. Softtrader, for example, offers commercial licenses such as Home & Student, Home & Business, Professional Plus and Standard.

Which Microsoft Office 2019 package to choose?

Microsoft Office licenses are available in the following different versions: Home & Student, Home & Business, Professional, Professional Plus or Standard. Check out the chart below, to see which applications can be found exactly in which package:

  • Home & Student: PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Word
  • Home & Business: PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Word and Outlook
  • Standard: PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Word, Outlook and Publisher
  • Professional: PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Word, Outlook, Publisher and Access
  • Professional Plus: PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Word, Outlook, Publisher, Access and Skype

Which package is suited for you depends on your needs. Not sure which one suits best? Contact us and we will give you advice!

Office 2019 table

What’s New in Microsoft Office 2019?

Office 2019 has significant improvements compared to the older version, Office 2016.

  • Improvements for Word
  • New functions for Excel such as TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, and many more.
  • Microsoft focuses more on the cloud
  • LaTeX Equation, you can now create math equations in Word.
  • New visual animation features for PowerPoint, such as Zoom and Morph.
  • New features and interface for Outlook
  • Improved Inking features such as Pressure Sensitivity, Tilt Effects, and Ink Replay.
  • Integrated Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Office 2019 support end date:

Make sure you purchase a version of Office 2019 that receives adequate support from Microsoft. This includes standard support (updates) and extended support (security). Basic support, i.e. standard support, ends first. See the end support dates below:

Standard (updates) support end date: 13-10-2023

Extended (security) support end date: 14-10-2025