RDS CALs 2019 (Remote Desktop Services)

With Remote Desktop Services (RDS), your employees can work at any time, from any place and device, as long as they have internet and access to the network. This is an ideal solution for organizations to provide access to their employees.

Affordable Remote Desktop Services (RDS CALs) 2019

Remote Desktop Services 2019

User CAL

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product box Remote Desktop Services User CAL 2019
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Language: Single Language
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  • License type: OLP (Open License)
  • License term: Perpetual
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Remote Desktop Services 2019 Device CAL

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product box Remote Desktop Services Device CAL 2019
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Language: Single Language
  • Condition: Pre-Owned
  • License type: OLP (Open License)
  • License term: Perpetual
  • Delivery: RDS Activation Instructions

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What are Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 2019?

What are Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 2019?

RDS 2019 (Remote Desktop Services) is a part of Microsoft’s licensing model. RDS provides remote access for users or devices to the server. For this, you would need to acquire RDS CALs. CAL stands for Client Access License. This license facilitates and authorizes the remote access to the services of the server. Remote Desktop Services were called Terminal Services before, however, the two terms refer to the same license.As mentioned, you would need RDS 2019 CALs to remotely access the server. The flexibility of this Microsoft license is the main reason why multiple companies are choosing to implement Remote Desktop Services to their daily work ways. As mentioned, RDS CALs can authorize the access to the server for users or for devices. In the former, you need RDS 2019 User CALs and in the latter RDS 2019 Device CALs. See below for which servers you can use Remote Desktop Services 2019 

Remote Desktop Services 2019 with Server

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft Windows Server

  • Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server

Keep in mind that you cannot use Remote Desktop Services with a server without standard server CALs!

How do Remote Desktop Services 2019 work? 

The workstation of RDS 2019 consists of a Windows desktop installed not on the local computer, but on a remote server elsewhere or a remote desktop.In principle you do not need to have locally installed any of the applications you need to use, since you can access them remotely. This way you can even run Windows programs and applications on Android or Mac devices. Remote Desktop Services 2019 are the ideal solution for organizations that want to provide remote access to their servers and network. As long as there is an Internet connection, employees can work on the corporate network.

Do you need RDS 2019 User CALs or RDS 2019 Device CALs?

After you have acquired your server with its standard server CALs, you might be wondering which and how many RDS 2019 CALs you need. A rule of thumb is to take a look at the number of devices and users you want to license and take the lower one. For example, if you have 5 employees who need remote access to the server from 10 devices in total, it is more cost efficient to purchase 5 RDS 2019 User CALs than to get 10 RDS 2019 Device CALs. 

Remember, RDS CALs do not substitute standard server CALs. You first need to acquire standard server CALs and after this you can facilitate remote access to the server with RDS CALs.