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Microsoft Project 2019 vs. 2021

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Project management software is recommended for planning, designing, and executing projects. This makes things clearer, clearer, and easier. Microsoft Project is one of the most popular project management software on the market today. Microsoft releases a new version every few years. This blog shows you the differences between Microsoft Project 2019 and Microsoft Project 2021.

Microsoft Project 2019: Management tools

Microsoft Project 2019 offers the possibility to schedule tasks and activities easily. You can schedule and delegate work to all team members in one place with folders, calendars, templates, tasks, and sub-tasks. Emails are no longer the only form of communication when it comes to transferring information between team members. Project management tools can be used effectively to add comments on tasks, organize dashboards, assign tasks, and give and receive approvals.

Microsoft Project 2021: Management tools

Microsoft Project 2021 offers the same management tools as the 2019 version, including some extra tools which help enormously when it comes to executing task assignments in the best possible way. An additional tool that has been added to the 2021 version is that the start and end dates are automatically filled in based on dependencies. In addition, in the 2021 version, there is the option to visually display complex schedules with multiple built-in timelines.

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Microsoft Project 2021: Planner

Microsoft Project 2019 has very useful tools for the planner, for example, network diagrams. These are also known as "arrow" charts because the charts consist of several arrows that can be used to connect different activities and also show progress. Using these arrows you can also show interdependencies between different activities of a project.

Microsoft Project 2021 offers the same scheduler tools as the 2019 version, including some additional tools, such as the ability to create trusted and automated schedules, helping to increase efficiency and save valuable time. Project integration with Microsoft Planner allows you to associate project tasks with a Planner plan and track work in detail in Microsoft Planner.

Microsoft Project 2021 vs. 2019: The main differences

Microsoft Project 2021 offers everything the 2019 version has to offer, including the following benefits:

  • Pre-built templates to help get your project off to a good start;
  • Trusted and automated scheduling, helping to increase efficiency and save valuable time;
  • Start and end dates are automatically populated based on dependencies;
  • The ability to visually represent complex schedules with multiple built-in timelines.

Project 2019 vs. 2021

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