Difference SQL Server Express and SQL Server
07 november 2022 

Difference SQL Server Express and SQL Server

If you are looking for a SQL Server for your organization, for your hobby or for simply learning, you will soon discover that there are many possibilities. In this blog, you can learn more about the various features, benefits, and limitations of both the free Microsoft SQL Server Express and Microsoft SQL Server.

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What is Microsoft SQL Server?

SQL Server is a relational database management system, abbreviated RDBMS, which was developed by Microsoft. The software is built on SQL, a programming language created to communicate with databases. In short, SQL is an RDBMS that can be used to store and retrieve information in many different databases, depending on the software application being used. Newer versions of SQL Server such as SQL Server 2019 Enterprise include new tools such as business analysis tools and automatic reports. Over the years, Microsoft has released multiple versions and updates of SQL Server. Many of these versions are available cheaply from Softtrader Europe.

Benefits of MS SQL Server Express

SQL Server Express is often referred to as the "Lite" version of Microsoft SQL Server. However, in some cases this may be sufficient for you and/or your organization. One of the biggest advantages of SQL Server Express is that it is the free version of Microsoft's database management system, Microsoft SQL Server. This makes SQL Server Express a good option for many small users. Therefore, the only investment made is the time it takes to download SQL Server Express and set up the system. Therefore SQL Server Express is a good option for inquisitive people who want to work and experiment with SQL Server.

SQL Server Express also has a free online backup function that protects your data and information if something goes wrong with the database.

Below is a list of the benefits:

  • For free
  • Automatic updates
  • Automatic Backups
  • Good start, easy to convert to SQL Server Standard when SQL Server Express is no longer sufficient for your organization.

Microsoft SQL Server Standard & Enterprise Softtrader

Limitations of Microsoft SQL Server Express

The limitations of SQL Server Express are as follows:

  • Maximum size of single relational databases is 10GB
  • No SQL Agent included, so it is impossible to automate different functions.
  • 1GB Maximum memory used by SQL Server Database Engine.
  • Buffer cache of up to 1MB.

Microsoft SQL Server Standard and SQL Server Express

Microsoft SQL Server Standard and Microsoft Server Express are two of the versions of MS SQL Server available from Softtrader. Both are suitable for different situations. In any case, both versions offer significantly fewer restrictions and far more benefits than Microsoft SQL Server Express. Enterprise is the most comprehensive package, so it has no limits on memory consumption, buffer pool and supports an astronomical database size. In addition, Enterprise and Standard both come with different analysis tools. SQL Server Standard still has some restrictions, such as a maximum buffer pool of 128GB. SQL Server Enterprise is suitable for large corporations. SQL Server Standard will be more than sufficient for many companies.

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