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SQL Server 2022: What's new? (features)

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The latest version of Microsoft SQL Server is SQL Server 2022. In this article, we cover the latest features and applications of the leading relational database management software. Of course, there is again a difference between SQL Server 2022 Standard and SQL Server 2022 Enterprise, which we also briefly touch upon in this article. On the security front, there have also been developments that Microsoft SQL Server 2022 benefits from, essential for your business of course.

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New features in SQL Server 2022

There are several new features and optimizations for Microsoft SQL Server 2022 compared to previous versions of the leading server software.

Azure Synapse Link

Using Azure Synapse Link, you can easily connect SQL Server 2022 with Azure Synapse Analytics. This makes it easy to get real-time visibility into your SQL Server 2022 databases without moving or replicating data. In this way, you can perform hybrid analytics with ease by combining Azure Synapse Analytics with your SQL Server 2022 databases. Azure Synapse Link uses Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP), this allows you to gain real-time insights without performance degradation of the SQL database. By performing these analytics, you can make better business decisions.

Linking with Azure SQL Managed Instances

Good news for Hybrid Solutions providers and companies running their servers hybrid. By pairing SQL Server 2022 with Azure, you modernize your on-premise SQL Server 2022 workloads relatively easily without completely migrating.  With this new pairing, you will experience the ultimate hybrid experience that combines the best of on-premise and Cloud servers.

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Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization (PSPO)

Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization is a new SQL Server 2022 feature that optimizes the performance of SQL queries with parameters. This incredibly valuable new feature is one of the best additions in years. With PSPO, SQL Server 2022 aims to make Parameter sniffing obsolete. Through this new feature, SQL Server 2022 allows you to keep multiple execution plans for a single executed query stored. Each execution plan is optimized such that it contains different data sizes, completely depending on the adopted parameters and its values. SQL Server 2022 is able to assess the suitability of the stored execution plans and recommends other execution plans where necessary. Storing these execution plans are a function of 'Intelligent Query Processing' and increase performance in most common situations without code change.


Microsoft Purview integration

SQL Server 2022 has an integration with Purview, the total data management and data protection solution. The integration with Microsoft Purview will help you understand, discover and manage data from various sources. With this new integration of Microsoft Purview with SQL Server 2022, you will benefit from a range of data capabilities. For example, you can access metadata and assess data quality before including it in SQL queries. Streamline your data management with the Purview integration in SQL Server 2022!


When SQL Server 2022's Ledger feature is enabled an old version of your tables will be saved when changes are made, but not as we know the normal 'save'. This is because the Ledger function uses blockchain technology. When a change is made, the block is encrypted and assigned a timestamp. Cryptography protects the data and requests digital signatures to verify the authenticity of transactions. The stored 'blocks' are securely recorded in a ledger and can therefore be easily invoked in case of an audit and as proof of regulatory compliance. The Ledger feature in SQL Server 2022 is therefore primarily suited for security, transparency and business process compliance.


Security improvements

In terms of security, there are many improvements in SQL Server 2022 compared to previous of SQL Server software. Below is a list of new or improved features over previous versions that contribute (in)directly to security:

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud integration
  • Microsoft Purview integration
  • Ledger
  • Azure Active Directory Authentication
  • Always Encrypted with secure enclaves
  • Access Control
  • Dynamic data masking
  • Support for PFX certificates
  • MS-TDS 8.0 Protocol

All in all, many improvements over previous versions. Many of these security features work closely with the cloud integrations and will therefore not work when run solely on-premises.

Data virtualization with Polybase

Data virtualization with Polybase in SQL Server 2022 is a functionality that allows you to virtualize data from various external sources as if these data were stored in SQL Server tables. Polybase supports several of these external sources such as Azure Blob Storages, Hadoop and other databases. Polybase makes it possible to integrate this data without replicating or physically moving the data.

Data virtualization with Polybase thus makes it possible to access external data from SQL queries and use this data in analytics and reporting. In this way, you easily combine external data with your local data. In this way, you can easily create a virtual representation of your entire data landscape, allowing you a lot more flexibility in dealing with the complex data requirements of analysis and reporting.

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Managed Disaster Recovery

Through its new link with Azure SQL Managed Instances, SQL Server 2022 takes the simplicity of disaster recovery to the next level. Namely, this link enables replication connection between on-premises virtual machines and Azure SQL Managed Instances. This saves developers and system administrators a lot of work, as they no longer have to set up an underlying Disaster Recovery infrastructure for when things go wrong.

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