Volume Licensing Center what is it

Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)

What is VLSC?

VLSC, short for Volume Licensing Service Center, is a platform where users can access and manage their volume licences, product keys and support resources. Since April 2023, Microsoft has migrated some functions of VLSC to Microsoft 365 Admin Center (MAC). Despite this change, VLSC will still provide information about purchased volume licences, so that companies can implement both platforms if necessary.

What is VLSC used for?

VLSC is typically used to manage and track volume licences, product keys and software downloads. Through VLSC, IT managers can ensure that licences are used in accordance with Microsoft's licence terms. In addition, VLSC is used to facilitate software downloads and deployments. Only authorised users can download software, updates or service packs directly from the VLSC portal. This eliminates the need to install software from external and potentially insecure sources.

In the VLSC platform, administrators can manage keys for volume licences used across the organisation. For example, they can view, activate or assign keys to individual devices or users. VLSC also provides access to resources such as technical articles or troubleshooting guidelines. These can be used to optimise software management and solve related problems.

Should used licences be added to VLSC?

Users do not need to add their used volume licences in VLSC. This is the case for second-hand licences because they have already been registered by the first owner. However, it is important to keep accurate records of licence usage, such as documentation on the purchase and use of the licences.

VLSC: Best Practices

VLSC is a great platform for collecting and managing documentation on purchased volume licences. By storing all information about the company's licences, IT managers can ensure proper licence management and compliance with Microsoft's terms and conditions. In addition, VLSC enables regular reviews of licences. This is especially important for larger companies with fluctuating software requirements or general growth. Adequate review of volume licences in use can save companies unnecessary costs when licences are no longer needed or more need to be purchased. Using VLSC as a volume licensing management platform can reduce the risk of over- or under-licensing and therefore fines for non-compliance.

Since VLSC contains sensitive volume licensing information, it is important that only authorised users have access to it. Administrators can therefore implement access controls and permissions within VLSC. This not only reduces the risk of unauthorised access, but also of security breaches.

VLSC vs Microsoft 365 Admin Center

VLSC focuses mainly on managing volume licences, products and services. It can be seen as a centralised platform for accessing volume licences, their keys and the software downloads. Microsoft 365 Admin Center, on the other hand, focuses on managing Microsoft 365 subscriptions such as SharePoint Online and Exchange Online. Although both platforms revolve around licence management, their main difference consists of the type of licences managed. In principle, organisations can implement both platforms if they use hybrid solutions. From April 2023, some VLSC features will only be available on Microsoft 365 Admin Center, such as licence views, downloads and keys, relationship views and open programme Online Service Activation. These features will still be visible in VLSC, but users will be redirected to the corresponding Microsoft 365 Admin Center page. The redirection does not require a new login.