License Types

There are different license types available for Microsoft software. Each of these license types is bound by different rules and has different advantages and disadvantages. Below are the different license types.

What are retail licenses?

Microsoft Retail licenses refer to the licenses that are purchased by individual customers or small businesses from retail stores or online platforms. These licenses are typically for software products such as Windows operating systems or Office productivity suites. When you buy a Microsoft Retail license, you receive a product key that allows you to activate and use the software on your computer. Retail licenses are usually sold as perpetual licenses, meaning you can use the software indefinitely without the need for recurring payments or subscriptions.

What are OLP licenses?

The acronym for Open License Program is OLP. Purchasing software licenses with an open license, or a volume license, is referred to as an OLP license. Microsoft is offering this service, which is intended for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). It can hold up to 750 gadgets. By adopting OLP licenses, a business can simply increase or decrease the number of licenses it uses in accordance with its own expansion or contraction. This gives the companies a great deal of flexibility. In addition, if the organization uses at least five OLP licenses, there is no minimum purchase requirement. Using a single license to install software on numerous computers is known as a volume license. 

What are OEM licenses?

Original Equipment Manufacturer is referred to as OEM. A software license that is tied to a single device is known as an OEM license. Furthermore, it is often the case that an OEM license is provided alongside the associated product. In most cases, the computer manufacturer has agreed with Microsoft to install Windows as software beforehand so that the user doesn't need to install any additional software and may begin using the device right away. Additionally, the user can create OEM software, but it can also be linked to a single device. Therefore, an OEM license cannot be transferred to another device.