MSDN licences what are they

MSDN Licences

What is a MSDN license?

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is an addition to a Visual Studio license. It’s a subscription that provides access to developing tools, support, training, and software that provide help to improve as a developer. All future and past versions of Visual Studio are included when MSDN is purchased. The subscription can be used as much as preferred, however, it can only be used for developing, designing, demonstration, and testing applications, evaluate software and/or stimulate the establishment of issues. These functionalities are available for corporations but cannot be used for business reasons and can’t be sold either. Some subscriptions can be purchased to install on a device so multiple employees can work with it. MSDN subscriptions don’t work like that. They’re purchased per user and can therefore only be used by one user.


Development/Test Environment licenses: MSDN includes the ability to access and use all Microsoft Enterprise products the user would like to develop and/or test. Multiple features to create a strong Test/Development environment are included, such as BizTalk, SQL Server, Visio, SharePoint, WinServer, Dynamics, MSProject, Msoffice, and more.

Team Foundation Server (TFS): TFS facilitates collaboration for the entire lifecycle of applications. Its main reasons to use are for notification purposes, version control, and workflow management.

Tech Support Calls: When users purchase MSDN, this includes strong technical support. All users can request technical support from 2 up to 4 times.

eLearning: MSDN packages also include 20 to 40 hours of online training every year. Apart from the fact that this would cost a lot separately, it’s also beneficial for skill-improvement and self-growth.


MSDN subscriptions allow users to create a domain where all Microsoft software can be deployed and tested, depending on the level of the MSDN subscription. In case an internal IT department wants to try out a certain Microsoft solution, an MSDN license would be a good option as well.

An MSDN subscription includes free upgrades. Owners of a subscription receive access to all publicly released Microsoft software. Moreover, whenever one of these software is available for an upgrade, users automatically receive these updates as well without extra costs. So without having to spend extra money, this subscription provides users with the newest technology.

The amount of advanced developing tools that an MSDN subscription includes can benefit both experienced and unexperienced developers. Especially for people who don’t or can’t spend a lot of money on their tools, this is beneficial since all these tools all tools included in the subscription would cost a lot more if they’re bought separately.

MSDN subscribers also have the opportunity to receive training. When purchased separately, these trainings can cost a lot of money but since they’re included in the subscription, owners won’t have to pay this and can therefore improve their skills even more.


MSDN licenses are regularly used in an illegal way. One particular key can be sold thousands of times for a low price. However, when one of these keys is blocked by Microsoft, all other keys will be automatically blocked as well. This means that keys can be used as long as none of the other keys get blocked. So whether it’s a week, a month or half a year, there’s always a risk of losing the key and therefore losing your data. Since selling these keys is against Microsoft’s policy, it will be checked and it will be risky to be using these keys. It’s far more risky for big organizations than for single end users since big organizations will be held under a microscope and will be audited  by Microsoft. However, it’s risky for end users as well since you can lose your Office license and with that your files.