CSVLK for Microsoft

Customer Specific Volume License Key (CSVLK)

What is a CSVLK licence?

Microsoft Customer Specific Volume License Key, CSVLK keys for short, are a type of KMS key. This key is often called the 'Host Key' and is used when activating licences via KMS. These CSVLK KMS host keys are basically required to set up a KMS host. In addition, a computer with Windows or Windows Server is required to set up a KMS host. Read more about setting up a KMS host.

Where can I find my CSVLK key?

If one has access to Microsoft's VLSC, a CSVLK key can be requested there. In some cases, this is not possible and the user must request a CSVLK key via the reseller. These keys are unique to each Microsoft customer and therefore cannot be used by just anyone.

What is the difference between GVLK and CSVLK?

Before going into the details of CSVLKs, it is important to understand the distinction between a Generic Volume License Key (GVLK) and a Customer Specific Volume License Key (CSVLK). While GVLKs are generic keys that can be used for volume activation of multiple systems, CSVLKs are unique keys generated specifically for each customer. A full list of GVLK keys can be found in the KMS article.

What is the difference between CVSLK and Retail Keys?

Although both CSVLKs and retail keys are used to activate Windows, there are important differences between the two. Retail keys are usually designed for individual consumers and can only be used to activate one copy of Windows. CSVLKs, on the other hand, are designed for volume activation and can be used to activate multiple installations of Windows. In addition, CSVLKs offer centralised management and control, making it easier to track and monitor licences.