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What is Microsoft Windows?

Windows is one of two possible operating system for Microsoft users. Windows 1.0 was released in 1985 and was the first graphical operating system that was used solely for business reasons. Although the first version was just meant for Businesses, Windows is now usable for both businesses and consumers. This computer program called Windows operating system or Windows OS allows users to manage all of their computer resources and comes with service for applications that run on these resources. Windows OS is compatible with several types of hardware such as laptops, servers, desktops, and mobiles. Additionally, balancing the use of multiple applications simultaneously is a feature that’s included in Microsoft OS. You can also apply ‘plug-and-play’ which allows users to connect the operating system to other devices like scanners, cameras, and/or printers.    

Windows OS: functions 

In order to use all programs and applications that are included in Windows OS, Microsoft added multiple functions: 

  • Interface: Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables users to easily get access and make use of multiple programs and applications. GUI allows you to click icons, select menus, and navigate through all applications.  
  • Managing Computer Resources: One of the most, if not the most important functions of Windows OS is its ability to organize and manage computer resources such as RAM, CPU, and hard disk. These functions make printing documents, opening applications, and using internet possible. 
  • Compatibility: to make it easier for users to install and use certain programs and applications, Microsoft ensured that Windows OS is compatible with multiple software and hardware. Windows server  
  • Security: Windows OS provides includes multiple security tools so your device will be protected. It comes with features such firewall, anti-virus, and anti-malware which will protect your device from malware and virus attacks.  
  • Technical support: by providing customer service, documentation, and tutorials Microsoft ensures users of having technical support so devices can use Windows OS in the most optimal way.  
  • File management: access rights configuration, data storage, and file searching are all features that are facilitating with managing files for organizations. Additionally, there are multiple tools that can help users with soring and organizing data and files on their devices.  

Windows Versions  

Since Microsoft created their first (non-graphical) and their second (and first graphical) operating systems in respectively 1981 and 1985, their have been a lot of better updated versions of Microsoft OS: 

  • MS DOS (1981) 
  • Windows 1.0 (1985) 
  • Windows 2.0 (1987) 
  • Windows 3.0 (1990) 
  • Windows 3.1 (1992) 
  • Windows 95 (1995) 
  • Windows 98 (1998) 
  • Windows Me (Windows Millennium Edition) (2000) 
  • Windows 2000 (2000) 
  • Windows XP (2001) 
  • Windows Vista (2007) 
  • Windows 7 (2009) 
  • Windows 8 (2012) 
  • Windows 8.1 (2013) 
  • Windows 10 (2015) 
  • Windows 11 (2021) 

Reports show that the next version (probably Windows 12) will be released in 2024. This would be 3 years after the latest version Windows 11.  

Windows OS: advantages 

There are multiple reasons to use Windows as your operating system. A convenient advantage of Windows OS is its compatibility. Because of its compatibility Windows OS is usable with multiple hardware and software which allows users to have it on all kinds of devices. A second advantage is the fact that Windows OS is very easy to use. Its interface is familiar and easily usable which makes it very adaptable for (new) users so they don’t have to worry about not being able to use it or having to invest a lot of their time to master it. Another reason to use Windows OS is its Long-term Support. This means that security support and updates will remain possible for multiple years after a particular version has been released. Additionally, there’s a big market for the development of games and applications for Windows. So Windows provides a large scale of games and applications for its users so for gamers Windows OS would also be a good option.