Meet Digi License: The New Software Webshop from Softtrader
10 november 2022 

Meet Digi License: The New Software Webshop from Softtrader

In this blog you can read more about Softtrader’s new webshop – Digi License. Why was it created, what licenses are there and how you can benefit from ordering at Digi License. 

What is Digi License?

Softtrader introduces Digi License. This is our webshop where not only companies but also individuals can purchase their software licences. The product range is another point of improvement. In addition to the Microsoft Licences you can purchase from Softtrader, Antivirus and Graphics Software have been added. At Digi License you can find perpetual licenses, subscriptions, pre-owned and new licenses.

Why was Digi License created?

At Softtrader, as you may know, we focus on IT resellers and companies of all sizes. Since our clientele consists of only registered companies, we were unable to provide service to the individuals who requested quotations until now. Instead of creating a webshop for private users only with just the Microsoft licenses we offer at Softtrader, we decided to do better. We created Digi License – the software webshop for both companies and individuals, where additionally to Microsoft licenses, we offer Antivirus and Graphics Software. Our assortment consists of 700+ software licenses, both new and pre-owned.

What is in for you when ordering at Digi License?

Regardless if you are acquiring licenses as an individual or a company representative, you can buy your software at Digi License. Additionally, you can benefit from the variety of licenses we offer and the multiple payment methods there are. Delivery is also much faster - usually about 2 hours after payment. Companies especially benefit from fast delivery when time constraints are a factor. In that case, Digi License is the better option. However, when it comes to larger projects or when a customised quote is needed, Softtrader is the best choice.

Ordering and Delivery at Digi License

The ordering process at Digi License is as simple as it gets. After you find your licence, add it to the shopping cart, then enter your details along with the payment method. After paying for the licence(s), you will receive an e-mail with the activation code and link. Standard delivery time is about 2 hours on weekdays. If you order over the weekend, your order will be processed first thing in the morning on the next working day.

Do you have questions? Contact us!

For more information about which Microsoft software and licenses are best for you, please contact us. We are available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.