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Your software licenses are worth a lot of money. Keeping licenses that are no longer used by your business is a waste of money.

You no longer use certain Microsoft software for one of the following reasons:

  • You switch to the cloud with Office 365
  • You have fewer PC-equipped desktops due to a staff reduction in your organization
  • You switch to other licenses or other software platform
  • Your business ceases operations
  • Your business is bankrupt

Sell your licenses to Softtrader and reduce your fees.

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Sell your software licenses quickly and easily

We take care of the transfer of your software licenses and we take care of all the paperwork in compliance with the regulations:

  • You will receive money for a product that you no longer can or want to use.
  • The sale of the licenses is done in agreement with the legal provisions.
  • We organize the transfer of licenses in a complete and timely manner.

Softtrader trades Microsoft software licenses by buying from the first owner and selling to a new owner of rights. Do not hesitate to contact Softtrader for an offer on your licenses or any other questions regarding the sale of non-Microsoft licenses.

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